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Are you thinking of advertising career? Just what is advertising career all about? Advertising is defined as a means of communication between a sponsor and an audience in order to disseminate information about the sponsor’s products and services, or announcements.

In essence, advertising incorporates business science and artistic ingenuity in order to persuade potential consumers into consideration of a particular product or service provided by the sponsor.

There are various jobs to choose from upon embarking on this career and these can be categorized according to their job characteristics. The job categories are account management, account planning, creative, media, market research and interactive marketing.

For account management, account managers are obligated to have a thorough understanding of the client’s business and effectively communicate the needs to the agency for the development of advertisements. The primary responsibility is representing the sponsor (known as client to the advertising agency) at the agency and vice versa.

Account planning is a relatively new job category and usually entails providing insight for the agency to develop efficient advertising programs that best cater to the target audience. It is mostly research work, with the processing of consumer psychology, sales history for the brand, customer information and competitors information in developing a strategic approach for the client’s advertisements.

Copywriters and art directors usually reside in the creative department, which oversees the development of ideas, images and words in commercial advertisements. The basic skills required to successfully acquire positions in this area include visual concept, drawing and design abilities.

The basic function of the media department pertains to the matching of the lowest execution costs to the highest returns, i.e. highest number of viewers reached. The common position, media planner thus conducts studies of gathered viewer and reader information and with this information provides reference as to which programs are most effective.

Market research uses information derived from consumers such as through interviews, sales and buying trends; and establish consumer behavior.

Another new area, interactive marketing, incorporates the usage of consumers as the role player in advertising. This is done by way of consumers’ visits to companies’ websites and in turn tailor the visitation experience to their own desires and needs.

Before deciding on whether you should embark on an advertising career, an important factor that should be borne in mind is deadlines. This, combined with the intense pressure to deliver at all times; make a career in advertising extremely strenuous for the inexperienced and ill-suited individuals. Teamwork is also an impertinent consideration.

Advertising campaigns are developed with the usage of teams from execution to finale. Also, without the innate talent of persuasion, it is often difficult to gain an upper hand in terms of portraying the desirability of one’s plans in securing execution. This needs to be communicated effectively, with the help of persuasion skills to ensure the selection of one’s advertising plans for the agency.

That being said, an advertising career can be extremely rewarding should an individual possess the passion for advertising, is highly organized, has excellent analytical skills, a good sense of teamwork and strong persuasion and communication skills. The anticipated rewards are in the form of financial compensation and a dynamic and creative working environment.

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