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Brand Building Using Social Media 

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are powerful, persuasive tools that can be used for the purpose of brand building. Find out several ways you can use to build your brand (which can include yourself as a public personality, your business, or any endeavor you wish to promote) with social media.

What is a brand? It is, literally, a symbol representing something or another. A brand can be anything from a name, to a logo, to the entire persona itself. An example of a logo that is synonymous with a brand is the iconic FedEx logo that has won prestigious design awards worldwide.

A persona that is also a brand would be the socialite, Paris Hilton, who has successfully established her own image as her brand, with a successful range of perfumes and handbags. The real question is this: why is brand building so important?

Simply because the consumer has a wealth of choices in today’s modern age, and most consumers will go with a brand that they are continuously exposed, or with which they are most familiar. Consumers also look for brands which they associate with a steady track record, assurances of quality, and brands which have been personally recommended to them by friends (the elusive ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing that is sought after by every brand).

You can use Twitter and Facebook to give your brand the exposure it needs for virtually no cost at all. Let’s see how Twitter can help in brand building, especially if what you are marketing is yourself. For instance, if you are a media personality, such as Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Seacrest, or John Mayer (both of which have verified Twitter accounts), your persona itself is a brand.

Through his Twitter, which often carries important updates fresh from Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest establishes himself as the go-to person for breaking news from the entertainment scene in America. John Mayer, on the other hand, has successfully brand-built himself as a quirky, off-the-wall personality, earning him many followers and expanding his fan base.

Besides that, you can also use Facebook for brand building! Many brands, such as Starbucks Malaysia, have embraced social media in order to reach teenagers, young adults and other users of Facebook.

This is because consumers enjoy a sense of shared community when it comes to their favourite brands – they enjoy displaying their likes and dislikes, and discovering what others enjoy in order to find common grounds for a friendship.

Television shows such as Glee have also used Facebook to solidify the ‘brands’ of their characters – popular characters such as Sue Sylvester have their own Facebook profile pages, where a team (presumably the PR arm of the show) will post updates that is true to the character’s personality.

Facebook users can become fans of these character’s pages, and sometimes even get to ‘interact’ with them. Thus, the Glee brand, by virtue of its characters, is accessible to people even while the show takes a mid season break to film more episodes.

This will solidify the brand in the minds of its audience as Facebook users will be able to ‘keep in touch’ with the characters and not lose interest. An actor in the show, Chris Colfer, also has his own personal Twitter account, which allows him to transcend his character and establish himself as a veritable brand to be reckoned with – a young actor whose star is rising in the entertainment world.

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