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Are you facing a dead end in your job and not realizing it? Career change advice from friends and family is triggering your mind? If you have been on the same job for years and there are not much improvement in your career, perhaps it is time to consider a career change. Your value could have change compared to the day you took up the job.

You travel often and are hardly at home to be with your family. Changes are always difficult as it takes great inertia to move us from our comfort zone. However, many of those who made the change testified the satisfaction that they get from making the change. You should consider moving on when the following transpire in your work place. A career change advice is strongly recommended.

  • You drag your feet to work If you wake up almost everyday in the morning and dread of going to work, it is an indication that you have found no satisfaction in your job. There is nothing to look forward to in the office and all you are doing is just be around to earn a living.It is not unlike the day when you were full of enthusiasm in getting your work done, coming up with new and innovative ideas for the company, and the list goes on.
  • Your Industry is not growing If the industry that you are working is not growing globally, sooner or later the market will become smaller and eventually be replaced by other products. For instance, photography industry has been taken over by the digital technology. These days, there are less customers who use film based camera. As such, there is not much business in the developing and printing of photographs.Digital technology has taken over the photography industry. Hence, it is always a good advice to keep abreast with the happenings of the industry that you are in and whether your company is going in the right direction. As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life.
  • You are stuck in your current position Generally the way to move up the corporate ladder depends on the movement of your boss. If your boss has been around since the day you joined and there is no change in his career, the changes of you moving up will be slim. He probably is satisfied with his job and is not ambitious to move up the corporate ladder. If that is the case, moving to another department or company is the best choice.
  • You want better remuneration Generally, moving on to another company will get you better remuneration. If your company is growing and you are getting normal increment year after year without any substantial jump, it is possible that the management of the company may not value you as their valued employee. It is time to look around and try your market outside the four walls of your company.
  • You get stressed everyday If your job requires you to work long and stressful hours everyday, it is a sign that you have to do something to make the change. Stress will create tension to your relationship with your family members, friends and your own health. If you see there is no way this is going to change, start submitting your resume and move forward.

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