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There are many books and tips on career guidance advice that one can grab hold of in getting information and suggestions on how one can excel and become successful. Many of the characteristics are common sense in nature but very often things that are common are often taken for granted.

If you are asked right now to draw the picture of your wall clock that you see everyday, are you able to draw it to at least 80% accurate? Many times we are not able to do it because our mind has been conditioned to look at things a certain way. Hence, the books on managing your career, time management etc are all good reminders for one to re-look and evaluate the success of ones career.

Here are some of the career guidance advice tips that one should consider to propel your career to another height.

  • Learn New Skills When was the last time you take time off to attend a seminar, a talk or learning something new which will help improve the quality of your work? Some professional organization expects its members to have continuous professional development training before their membership can be renewed.Many times when one has settled down in a job, complacency crept in and this is the time when our learning of new skills take a back seat.  Therefore, it is important to take stock of ones work and be pro-active in looking for ways to learn new skills.Career guidance advice tools such as books, on line courses, distance learning, audio video and the internet are powerful ways that you can use to enhance your professional career. Another source that one can learn of the latest happenings are vendors that have expertise in their field of service. They are usually those who keep abreast with the latest development of the products and services that they offered. Tap on these resources.
  • Attitudes Our attitude towards our work that has been assigned to us will determined whether we will be able to do it well or otherwise. If we always complaint whenever a problem crops up, this is a signed that our attitude needs to be evaluated.When we are stretched with limited resources and tight time lines to meet, the human nature response is to give up or find easier way out without solving the problem. Always remember that many successful entrepreneur often failed many times before they finally strike one successful deal.
  • Discipline Discipline is one key area that one should develop. Habit such as starting the day early is can be cultivated. Others such as scheduling and making plan for the day before doing anything else need lots of practice before they become a habit. Review the tasks that were completed and ask yourself how you can do better the next time.
  • Effective Meetings Meetings are often needed to get things done and in communicating information to the team members or other colleagues. If you are calling the meetings, ensure that you do all the necessary preparation to get the agenda of the meeting accomplished at the end of the meeting. Do not let things get pushed to another meeting especially by members who are not committed. Ask yourself whether the meeting objectives have been met.
  • Keep Healthy Ensure that you take care of yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally. Take time to do regular exercise, de-stress by doing things that you like, go for a vacation with friends or family members etc. Though these activities does not seem to generate any tangible results, it affects the overall performance of ones work.

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