Career Description of a Lawyer

Here is a basic career description of a lawyer. Lawyer plays an important role in the legal system of a country. The legal system of a country vary from one to another. The variations happen also from state to state. Almost every documented transactions in our daily lives from buying car insurance to properties to prosecution of criminals involve lawyers.

Lawyer may choose to specialize in a selected areas of interest after their graduation. Most lawyers practiced privately. Salaried lawyers held positions in the Federal Government or corporations. Some work in the banks, insurance companies, factories and real estate agencies.


In criminal or civil court cases, they act as advocates to represent one of the parties in court during trial. They generally spend their time interviewing the witnesses, conducting research in libraries, collecting evidence as well as preparing for the trials.


As advisors, they advised their clients on their legal rights and obligations. They will also propose a solution in the business dealings of a company or to an individual. They could also be involve in the civil law that help their clients to do wills, trusts, mortgages, contracts, leases or titles for a fee.

Protection Of Intellectual Properties

Some lawyers may be involved in the drafting of documents to protect their clients' claims to copyrights, trade marks, product design or invention. Many lawyers may have other degrees apart from law to enable them to draft these documents for submission to the patent office. Some have engineering or science degree to complement their job. 

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