Career In Court Reporting

A career in court reporting demands one to be accurate, thorough and complete in the recording and transcriptions of legal proceedings, speeches and conversations where they will be used in judicial proceedings. They are also needed in meetings where the word spoken has to be recorded down as a written transcript.

This most common method of doing this reporting is by using a Stenograph machine in recording what is being said during the proceeding. The machine allows the pressing of multiple keys simultaneosly to record combinations of letters representing words or sounds. The symbols are recorded electronically and then translated to be displayed as text by using a computer.

As the accuracy of the end document is needed, one must have excellent listening skills. On top of that, the knowledge of legal terminology and a good grasp of English grammar are absolutely necessary. Court reporters are required to have appropriate certification before they are allowed to do the job. A 2 year to 4 year degree program can be taken in various colleges.

Nature of Work

Official court reporters usually work 40 hour/week. Many freelance court reporters work part time, during the weekends and their hour of work is flexible. The typical job nature and responsibilities of a court reporter are listed as below.

  • Create Transcripts Create Transripts of legal proceedings, speeches, conversations, meetings and other events.
  • Information Search Assist judges in searching for information in the official record when needed.
  • Proceeding Assist in recommending the procedure regarding courtroom administration to judges and attorneys.
  • Real Time Translating Provide real time translating services to the deaf and hearing impaired community when the need arises. This is done by using a computer linked to the Stenotype Machine where the symbols are being translated into text on the computer screen for the user to see.
  • Maintain Dictionary The creation and the maintenance of the computer dictionary in translating the stenograph strokes into normal text.
  • Editing The documented document is check for accuracy in ensuring that proper names and places are correct before being released for official use.

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