Career Skills

What are the basic career skills that you should have in order to be "marketable" in the employment market? In developing your skills, it is critical that you learn as much skill as you can while you are still in high school or college. Many employers are looking for potential employees who are able to communicate properly.

As the business world continues to expand globally, knowing a few languages will be an added advantage. Other basic skills include the ability to read and write properly, the ability to use the internet as a tool to source for information, the use of email, knowledge of computer and the use of basic computer software such as Microsoft Office.

Another skill which many has overlooked is the ability to type properly. I have seen many people in various levels of career from engineers to managers who do not know how to type. It takes them a long time to reply a reasonably size email as they do not have the basic typing training.

It is never too late to learn these basic skills if you have the determination and perseverance to do it. Some of the online skills that you can take up at your own pace are..

Free Basic Computer Skill 
Learn how to operate the computer, the use of internet, the basic Microsoft Office software and other computer related software online here.

Free Windows Word Processing Tutorial 
Learn the basic Word Tutorials step by step for all beginners to this software. 

Speed Reading Technique 
Tips to increase your speed reading skill from 240 words per minute to 1000 words per minute. 

Project Management 
Enhance your project management skill by learning the project management tools and techniques. 

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