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Catering career is in great demand these days as many business organizations are outsourcing their cafeteria to good and qualified caterers. The job basically involved a team of people who serve food and drinks to the customers at their premises.

If you are planning to start a catering business to the corporate world, you need to know some of the key people in the organizations who trust the quality of your food and services. If not, it is always a good idea to start your local catering business and build up trust from there.

Establish your business by taking up catering jobs such as birthday parties, official opening of shops, official launching of products, weddings, seminars, conferences and other functions. You may want to start part time at your leisure before going full time into this business. Once you have established your contacts and your food and services prove to be good, jobs will come streaming in through recommendations and direct contact with the end customers.

Running a catering business required a team of people with various job functions. Here are some of them.

  • Catering Managers This is the most important job as the catering manager oversees the overall business operations to ensure profitability and growth of the business. Their jobs include recruitment of staff, sales and marketing of products and services, develop budgets, coordinate catering activities in ensuring that the highest quality and services are provided to the customers. They work directly with the customers in planning the food, decorations, entertainment and location of the function.As such, they must develop organizing, coordination, negotiation, communication, problem solving and supervising skills. The bottom line of the catering career is satisfaction to the customers and profitability in the business.
  • Servers Servers are needed to serve the customers in making sure that there are enough food and drinks during the function itself. They are to dress professionally, courteous and sensitive to the needs of the people. They must have good attitude and be cheerful at all times in order to please the customers that they are serving.
  • Technicians The setting up of lighting, sound, chairs, tables, canopy, decorations are the jobs of the technicians. Smaller caterer may have servers doing this job as well. Knowledge of PA system and basic wiring of lightings are needed.
  • Chefs Chefs are sometimes needed on site if the food is prepared at the premises of the function. Most of the food is prepared in advance and only critical food such as barbeque needs to be done on site.

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