Civil Engineering Career

Civil Engineering career is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Civil engineers can further specialize in one or more fields in construction, transportation, structural, environmental, geotechnical, urban planning and water resources.

They are basically involved in the design, construction and supervising of buildings, bridges, dams, water supply, sewage systems, airports, roads and transportation systems. In the course of design and construction, they have to take into consideration factors like safety, construction costs, time line of the projects, and ensuring all construction complies to the government requirements.

Civil engineering as a career may mean being a lecturer in universities and colleges or continue to do research in their areas of expertise.

The areas of specialize that a Civil Engineers can go in after graduation are listed below. Civil Engineering career area of specialization may consist of one of the field below.

Construction Engineering

In civil engineering career in Construction Engineering, you will manage the construction of a certain project into reality using the design blueprint that other engineers have done. This area of expertise need your technical skill to interpret the drawings, project management skills in managing all involved in the projects and knowledge of what equipments to use in every phase of the project. Other areas that one need to acquire are in the areas of planning, budgeting and financial aspects of the project.

Transportation Engineering

The field of transportation engineering is becoming more in demand as the population of the world continues to increase in the urban areas. An effective transportation in transporting people, materials and products are in great demand as these infrastructure will determine the cost of a product or services. The challenges posed to the engineers will be designing and implementing efficient airports, sea ports, highway, roads, railway, mass transit systems, high speed trains and other modern transportation methods. They help to make the world closer together by shrinking the time it takes to move from one place to the other.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineer plays an important role to ensure that the backbone of a building or stucture is safe for use under adverse environmental conditions like earthquake, hurricanes and flood. They will use design and computer analysis to simulate the actual conditions these structure will be subjected to. Some of the structures that falls under this category of engineering are hanging bridges, football stadiums, hugh and tall skyscrapers, oil rig and offshore platforms. They need to be well versed with the properties of metal, plastics and other materials in order to select the most optimum materials for the structure.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineer deals with the conservation and protection of the earth's depleting resources. They work to reduce the pollution to the air, provide solution to remove pollutants from water, making processes to remove toxic and chemical from factories. Coming up with solutions to clean up sites polluted by toxic chemicals and treating wastewater amongst others.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineer deals with the proper use of earth materials when constructing facilities in the earth. Some examples are the laying on of pipe on the earth, tunnels, dams, embankments and slope. The use of computer software to simulate these using the properties of the earth materials taken from the site is often necessary before making a decision to build the facilities.


Other fields of specialization may include urban planning of which the engineer will plan the layout of a community, the road systems, industrial and residential zones, parks and public amenities.

Water resources engineer deals with the design and construction, of hydroelectric power facilities, seaport facilities, dams, distribution of water supply systems and almost everything else that deals with water for the masses.

Civil engineers will continue to be needed in helping to provide infrastructure and solutions to make the world a better place to live in. As such civil engineering career will continue to be one of the engineering field which will be in demand by many industry.

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