Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyer specializes in law cases that deals with the offenses against the state or the society. The branch of law that governs an individual relationship to the state is called criminal law. The lawyer has to know in great detail as well as the interpretation of the criminal law. Among others, it defines the criminal offenses which are established by the state legislatures.

When a crime such as murder or rape has happened, the lawyer will have to do investigation by interviewing the clients and other witnesses of the incidence to determine the facts of the case. The data and evidence are gathered and prepared by the lawyer which will be used during the hearing.

The findings need to be thoroughly examine and correlate before any conclusion can be made. The examining of witnesses will also be carried out when the case is being conducted. The criminal lawyer can prosecute or defends the defendant against the charges.

In all crime cases, to prove any crime, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the court that the accused has committed a guilty act with a guilty mind.

In the event that the person charged with a crime can't afford to hire a lawyer to defend him/her, a lawyer who is known as a Public Defender will be appointed to defend the person. In general, if one can afford it one will want to hire a well known and qualified criminal defense lawyer to defend him/her. 

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