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Advertisement on data entry jobs can be found almost anywhere nowadays especially on the internet but is it really what you're really looking for? Many have experienced that these 'part-time' jobs are mostly scams. Desperate applicants in need of cash become the main target.

They consider copy-pasting the same advertisement and trying to fool another person as a job. Ironically, money does come easily when they found the right person.

A data entry clerk is a member of staff who reads hand-written or printed records and types them into a computer. One thick book of data is usually handwritten due to mode of collection from customers.

Although most large companies which have large amounts of data will hire on a near-permanent staff, it would be costly. Therefore they started to send out the data book to part-timers, paying them by bulk and saving a lot. An example of big corporation in need of data entry staff would be a mailing company.

However, things changed over time. More and more people are getting selfish and started to misuse the internet to 'create' data entry jobs. According to, 90% of data entry jobs posted on their website are scams! So how do you find the right job? The most important thing to remember is that a real job will NEVER ask you for any kind of fees. If they insist, tell them to deduct the fees from your first payment.

Ask around for recommendation and if it is possible, visit the company for clarification. A lot of people has been cheated even when they already visited the company. The safest bet is to visit the same company again after 2 weeks-1 month and witness the company's progress.

Also be careful upon sending out your details on emails to the potential companies. Some will use your details to attract other people in believing their lies. If you fell into their trap and paid for a certain amount of money, you can make reports to the Consumer Tribunal. You will able to get the refund provided you still keep the original receipt and the document you signed.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of principle. Either you choose to take revenge on innocent people by fooling them like you've been fooled or consider the amount as a loss. Take your pick.

Having said that, if you're lost in the pool of desperate people wanting part-time jobs, why don't you try freelancing or home-based working instead? Think about your skills e.g baking, jewellery-making, flower decoration, writing etc and make your own business from home. Data entry sounds easy but wouldn't it better to do something that you enjoy and make money out of it even if it takes some effort? That way, you'd appreciate your job even more.

You can try to advertise your home-based business on the websites such as and You can also find a guide to real part-time jobs through and other similar websites.

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