Flight Attendant Career

Introduction To Flight Attendant Career

For most of us who have experienced travelling on an airplane, I am sure you have experienced the services of flight attendants. Some of them are really good and exceed your expectations but some may not be as good as you would wish them to be.

In general, most flight attendants are well trained to make your flight a comfortable one. Apart from making your flight an enjoyable one, their other duty is to ensure that all safety regulations are strictly followed as required by the aviation law.

Pro and Cons of Flight Attendant Career

If you are someone who is keen to travel to different places of the world while earning a reasonable income, flight attendant career is one of most suitable job in fulfilling your dream of going to various places. For international sector, they usually fly up to a maximum of 90 hours.

While away from the base, the airlines provide hotel accommodations and meal allowance during stopover. Other benefits include getting discounted fares to travel to the destination of your choice for yourself and your immediate family members. Most airlines also offer a permanent discounted fare to their staff who has retired for travelling anywhere in the world.

One of the disadvantages of this career is that one will have to work during the holiday seasons and weekends as these are the times when the passengers travel will be at its peak. Dealing with difficult passengers are at times stressful and one has to learn how to be patient and calm in this situation.

The irregular sleep and eating patterns may caused medical problem to some in the long run. Breathing of recycled air and having to stay in pressurized environment are also some of the stress to the body that one has to deal with. All these can be overcome by following the tips of keeping ones body healthy through exercise, proper diet and rest.

Job Nature of Flight Attendant Career 

  • Welcoming Passengers When the passengers start to go on board the plane, the flight attendants will welcome them and help them to find their seats. If necessary, they also help the passengers to put their luggages on the right compartments of the plane.
  • Make Passengers Comfortable Once seated, the passengers are made comfortable by helping them to get the reading materials, getting the children to settle down by providing them with toys and checking to ensure the passengers are seated at the right seats allocated. They also help with the distribution of pillows and blankets, headsets and attending to the needs of the passengers when required.
  • Flight Instructions Before the plane takes off, flight instructions of do and don'ts are announced to the passengers. They will demonstrate and show the passengers how to fasten the seat belt, the location of the exits and other relevant information of the plane.
  • Serving Refreshments In long haul flights, refreshments are being served to the passengers. This requires sensitivity as some passengers are on special diet and may request for special food.
  • Dealing with Emergency In the event of emergency, one may has to perform first aid to the passenger who is not well. Knowledge of first aid kits and their use are necessary. The flight attendant also help to calm the passengers in times of crisis such as when the airplane is going through a turbulance storm.
  • Miscellaneous Other miscellaneous tasks include selling of on board goods, help with internet and phone services for passengers who need them, maintaining and keeping the inventory of goods in the airplane.

Qualifications of Flight Attendant Career

The basic qualification needed to apply to be a Flight Attendant is high school diploma. In this competitive industry, getting a basic degree and the experience of dealing with people will be an added advantage in getting this job. One has to like working with people. In international flights, proficiency in a few languages will be an advantage as one will be required to communicate with the local people while on flight and on the ground. These skills can be picked up as well while on the job. 

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