Graphic Designer Career: Shades of The Rainbow

Graphic Designer Career

While we are heading to the future, graphic designer career is among the most competitive career available. The career often covers everything creative and most of the time do not focus on a single area of expertise. They produce designs for a variety of media from magazines to business logo to interactive media like the internet and television.

They are in charge of getting messages across using methods like color, illustration, animation, layout technique etc. About three out of ten designers are self-employed and many of them do freelance work while still attached to a certain firm.

Generally there are a lot different titles and responsibilities in graphic designing. Creative directors are usually the person in charge for an artwork, be it a magazine, a campaign or a product. They are responsible to lead a creative team, initiate and inspire ideas and ensure that the artwork follows the client's specifications.

Art directors are the one in charge of the illustrations and everything related to visual elements. Art production manager on the other hand supervise the production of art.

There are also brand identity and logo designers, illustrators, multimedia developers and visual journalists. These graphic designers work together to design a corporate image, conceptualize 2D or 3D images and applying those talents to motion. sound or interactivity using pencil and paint to digital formatting.

Alternatively, visual journalists create visual representations of information data or knowledge, usually things like signs, maps, education and technical writing.

Graphic designers have different working conditions. Working in a large firm may give more comfortable settings as opposed to a smaller firm. Larger firms usually have more staff and therefore, workload can be shared.

A freelancer usually has to adjust their schedule to follow their client's. However it is safe to say that everyone has their own deadlines to stick to. The most common frustration or downside to the career is rejection to the design. The main objective is to keep the clients happy and satisfied and it is definitely not easy to do that.

Qualifications & Salary

In terms of Graphic Designer career qualifications, most firms are looking for at least a bachelor's degree. Training in graphic design, creativity and communication and problem-solving skills are crucial as it verify a person's level together with a good portfolio to present.

Employers are increasingly looking for designers who are familiar with computer graphics to be able to compete with the latest technologies. The ability to work both independently and in a team are also important. If a designer is starting his own business, the capability to market his own work is an essential.

The salary for a graphic designer starts from USD 2,000 and increases by years of experience or good marketing strategy. Like many other careers, working hard will always grant you a success. Starting early by having internships at various firms will give an early exposure and these experience will be a valuable asset when you are moving to the working world.

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