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Are you planning to go into hospitality career? It is forecasted that the tourism industry will be among the industries that will grow at an exponential rate similar to information and communications technology in the 21st century. Such tremendous growth demands better hospitality support in the areas of hotel management and restaurant management. Various jobs are created as a result of this growth.

Courses such as hotel management and restaurant management which were unheard of decades ago are now offered by various institution of higher learning and universities to meet the demand of this growing industry. Other courses one can take include Event Management, Sales and Marketing, and many other courses related to the hospitality industry.

Since the hospitality industry is more inclined towards the service industry, one has to like working with people and strive to meet the customer's expectation. Dealing with people means that one has to be flexible in solving problems. Negotiation, communications and influencing skills are needed for one to do well in hospitality career.

Hospitality Career Nature of Work

The nature of work in hospitality career varies from one position to the other. Some positions may have to work longer hours than the other. Some of the hotel related nature of work is described below.

  • Hotel General Manager The General Manager is responsible for the entire operation of the hotel that he is assigned to. This job is generally available for big hotels and the GM has to ensure that the hotel is run efficiently and make profit according to the expectation of the stakeholders. The GM also look into the sales, marketing and financial aspect of the hotel and is usually assisted by various heads of department of the hotel.
  • Resident Manager The Resident Managers stay in the hotel and is on call all the time in the event of emergency. They look into the detailed day to day operational aspects of the hotel and reports to the General Manager. A team of hotel staff usually report to the Resident Manager.
  • Front Office Manager The Front Office Managers are responsible for the reservations and room assignments of the guests. Since the front office interface directly to the customers, proper training needs to be given to the front desk staff. They also look into the special request of the guests and make the appropriate decision to the satisfaction of the customers.
  • Food and Beverage Manager Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for the food service of the hotels. They overseas the operation of the various restaurants, lounges and banquet facilities in the hotels. They interface frequently with food suppliers and are often required to take care of the financial aspect.
  • Housekeeper Executive Housekeeper executives ensure that all the rooms, toilets, swimming pools, gymnasium, games arcades and meeting rooms are well maintained. They arrange the cleaning scheduling as well as the supervision of the work done by the houskeepers.

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