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What crosses your mind when you think of an international career? Jetting back and forth between different countries, the hassle of visas, immigration checkpoints and health checks? All these hassles could be a thing of the past, when we can now build this career via Web 2.0.

In this day and age, it can be said the internet is a global medium, with most countries having access to the World Wide Web. Boundaries are being broken every day – where there was once a lack of avenue to showcase talent, or a lack of funds for people to get their work out there in the public eye, there is now no such problem.

Many are finding their niche (such as writing, singing, and the like) and creating something special out of it, before sharing it with countless other users of the internet – all this, for free!

Thus, did you know that it is wholly possible to build an international career for yourself armed with just your computer, a camera, a webcam, and internet access? The careers in question are wide and varied – it could be as a commentator in a certain field (popular subjects include movies and politics), a citizen journalist, a musician, a travel blogger, and so much more!

Thus, this article will highlight how some Web 2.0 users made their mark, a career even (with some receiving advertorial offers from many foreign countries), by the power of the written word.

The first being Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi, who got her shot at the big time by uploading a Youtube video of herself singing, for a friend who had missed her performance. It was her online videos that led her to where she is today; being an international sensation.

She is now signed under Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records, with one of her singles, Monte, being used in the season finale of a popular television series, Private Practice. Currently touring the United States, Zee Avi is a prime example of a web 2.0 user successfully forging a career for herself by using her natural talents, and putting in a whole lot of effort.

The second example is young Jane Aldridge, an American fashion blogger who runs the popular Sea of Shoes blog. Her astounding collection of designer shoes, keen fashion sense, and beautiful photography showcasing breathtaking outfits has earned her a large fashion following worldwide. She has captured the attention of fashion magazines worldwide, and has even helped design a range of shoes for Urban Outfitters.

While she is not a full time designer, she has certainly made a name for herself in the world of fashion, and an international career in that field looks promising for her, whether as a front row commentator from the fashion weeks of Paris or Milan, or as a keen observer, and dictator, of trends in fashion.

While she does have an affluent family and is obviously well to do, it cannot be denied that the use of Web 2.0 (her blog) helped launched her into the spotlight and established her international career as a fashion blogger. After all, if she had not shared photos of her fashionable self online, the teenager would not be where she is today.

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