Types Of Jobs in Engineering Industry

Jobs In Engineering Industry

The engineering profession is one of the oldest traditional profession in the world. Engineers use the advancement and knowledge in science and technology to solve practical problems in their area of expertise. They need to have a sound knowledge of science and mathematics as a foundation of their career.

Engineers are involved in almost every aspect of the community from building roads, bridges, houses, factories, high rise building to production of products and goods and in recent years bio medical engineering.

Engineers can be involved in the Research and Development of products. They use their knowledge to come up with new products that help to ease or solve a specific problem. They basically find out the needs of the market, come out with the specifications, design the products, test the prototypes, redesign if necessary and ensuring that cost, reliability and safety are taken care of in the design.

Engineers can also worked in the factories where products are being manufactured. They can be involved in the testing of products, production of goods, quality assurance of goods, maintenance of equipments, sales and service of products, marketing of products and other jobs that they are trained for.

Engineers use a lot of the latest available technology in the market. They use computer simulation to help them simulate a certain design work. Use of computer aided design software is becoming common as the pressure to reduce the time to market or a certain process becomes shorter day by day. For electronics engineers, circuit simulation, printed circuit board design amongst other have become an indispensable tools.

The list below describes in greater details the many types of jobs in engineering industry that an engineer can do and the basic qualifications necessary to do the job. Most engineering degree are generic in the first 2 years and they only specialize in their last year. 

Civil Engineering As A Career 
Civil Engineering career is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Civil engineers can further specialize in one or more fields in construction, transportation, structural, environmental, geotechnical, urban planning and water resources. 

Electronics Engineering Career 
Electronics Engineering Career is among one of fastest moving field in the engineering world. We use electronic devices everyday to enhance the quality of our life. 

Environmental Engineering 
Environmental Engineering jobs is a career that concerned with use of science, mathematics and engineering to research and develop new technologies and better ways in improving the environment. The articles provide information on being an environmental engineer, the salary, education requirements and employment prospects. 

Mechanical Engineering As A Career 
Mechanical engineering is among one of the oldest disciplines of engineering in the world. They deal with small mechanical devices to huge power generating plants. 


See the video on engineering as you consider a career in this field. 

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