Mechanical Engineering Career

Mechanical engineering career is among one of the oldest career in engineering. They deal with small mechanical devices to huge power generating plants. Just like any other engineering disciplines, they can be involved in the area of research and development, manufacturing, machines, engines, turbines, heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment, industrial robotics, industrial machines, lifts and elevators, bio medical equipment.

As they gained the experience in the technical fields, many choose to go into sales and marketing, technical support, managers and even chief executive officers of engineering companies. Nearly every factory need at least a mechanical engineer to support the daily operation of certain processes.

Many mechanical engineers continue to pursue their studies and become researchers and lecturers in various institution of higher learning. Quite a number choose to become trainer in their field of expertise.

The typical courses that a mechanical engineer may cover are thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, strength of materials, robotics and control theory, mechatronics, statics and dynamics, engineering design, CAD/CAM design, manufacturing technology, refrigeration and air conditioning, solid mechanics amongst others.

Mechanical engineer can specialize in their many areas after they graduated. Some of the areas of mechanical engineering as a career specialization are listed below.

HVAC Engineering

In Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning engineering, many mechanical engineers are involved in research and development, manufacturing, system design, ducting design, electronic controls and other functions that are related to HVAC. HVAC design and manufacturing can range from small residential units to big industrial chillers for power plants.

This field is still needed as the control of the air and temperature becomes a basic necessity in life.

Robotics Engineering

Robotics engineering deal with the design and development of robots to handle things more efficiently. In the areas of waste disposal where it is too dangerous for human being to handle, robots are normally used for this purpose.

Biomedical Engineering

This areas of specialization involve the mechanical and electrical/electronics engineers to design medical equipment that helps the medical field to diagnose or treat a certain medical conditions. Among the modern equipment that have been developed are imaging equipment, image processing and analysis equipment and development of prostheses.

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