Medical Transcription Career

Medical Transcription Career

Are you keen to be involved in the heath care industry? Health care industry is the second largest industry in the United States and it is still growing as the population aged. The improvement in the quality of life means that more people are willing to pay for the services and treatment that heath care professionals provide.

The majority of the population subscribe to health insurance policies as the medical cost is high in this part of the world. The growth in this area creates career opportunity for medical transcriptionists.

In general, medical transcriptionists listen to the recorded messages made by physicians and transribed them into medical reports. These reports are needed as records for the patients as well as for processing of insurance claims. They assist the doctors in doing this as many doctors do not have the time to do this. As these documents are formal documents, they have to be edited for grammar and clarity professionally.

Many of transcription jobs are being outsource where the physicians record their findings into the computers using voice recognition software. The recorded voice is then sent electronically to the transcriptionists where they will transcribe them into proper formal document and send back to the physicians. This means that there is flexibility for one to work from home instead of having to be in the hospitals or clinics.

Qualifications and Requirements

The qualifications and basic requirements for one to pursue a medical transcription career are listed below.

  • Language One must be good with the command of English to be a medical transcriptionist. Good grammar and construction of sentences are needed to produce a good report.
  • Medical Terminology As the physicians will diagnose the condition of the patient using medical terms, one must be able to understand the various diagnostic procedure, medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology and treatment of the medical condition.
  • Computer Literate As the report will be generated using the computer, one must be computer literate and able to type at a reasonable speed. Internet, email and word processing know how are some of the skills that are necessary.
  • Listening Skill Listening skill is important as one will have to know what the physicians said in the recorded messages. Going for basic listening classes of various accent will help to equip you with this important skill.
  • Qualifications Most employers require one to complete post secondary school training in medical transcription which can be taken at various colleges, schools and distance learning programs. A 1 or 2 years certificate or diploma programs will help to make one marketable. Nurses who have previous working experience will find it easy to go to this field by going for short courses and training.

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