Music Producer Career : A Master in Recording

Music Producer Career

As our country moves forward, the music industry becomes bigger and provides more opportunity for the new talents. A lot of people, from formal and informal backgrounds, emerged and started to develop their career in music.

During the past few years, many artists have become obsessed in trying to catch an overnight fame by becoming a reality TV star. More music-related competition surfaced and along with this development, more spaces are created for music producers, writers and lyricists to produce their creative work.

Traditionally, a music producer career controls the recording sessions, organizing and scheduling production budget and resources, coaching and guiding the musicians and supervising the recording, mixing and mastering processes. But nowadays, the role of a music producer becomes wider and involves the whole production of a record including arranging, selecting and sometimes writing the songs.

This role is rather significant as it controls the success of an artist. They usually know the current trend of market and always searching for different talents to be molded and shaped. A lot of artist has chosen to produce or co-produce their own music too.

This move will give them a voice in the process of recording. Some international artists are also very well-established that they're comfortable working independently. Powerful softwares with higher technologies making this possible effortlessly as the mixing, arranging and composing tasks can be done using one computer.

With the help from sound engineers, a music producer will arrange and mix the record. They look into different aspects of a song where sound engineers usually focus on the technicality and music producer focus on the sound marketability. The involvement of a producer in an album varies from recording one song to involving themselves in the whole process of the album. Some also give advice on marketing and promotion.

Qualifications and Salary

How to become a music producer? Someone with pure talent without proper music education can be successful but it takes a longer time for them to be recognized and given a chance. Most of the music producer has at least a certificate in all sorts of different music field for example music education, media technology, audio engineering, sound recording, music production etc.

However, many recording artist has realized the possible future career of becoming a producer by self-educate themselves in the studio by learning the whole process.

Quite a number of these producers are also music lecturers in higher institutions. The major institution for music is International College of Music (ICOM) but there are plenty of other music schools that offers similar qualifications. School of Audio Engineering for instance, provides education for engineers related to sounds.

In music producer career, having interest in the music of an artist is important. Therefore, we can see how some producers are more interested in working on one genre of music as it can be difficult to offer opinion on a genre we don't enjoy listening. In terms of income, the salary depends on projects they're working on but usually generated USD30,000 -60,000 per year. Successful producers are usually the one with an eye for talents and deep understanding of the industry.

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