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Learn to organize yourself and you will be successful in the job that you are doing. Whether you are running your own business or working in an organization, learn the art and science to organize yourself will go a long way.  In a highly competitive market that we are in today, there is a need to do tasks efficiently so as to keep cost low and increase productivity.

People to meet, emails to reply, report to write, meeting with customers, phone calls, meeting with vendors, management meetings.... These all demand our time and energy in our daily lives and if we do not have the skill and the discipline to organize ourselves, we will end up frustrated, stress up and may even succumbed to various ailments.

Here are 8 tips that you can do to organize yourself.

  • Plan Always has a plan for the day, week or even month on what you need to accomplish. If you do not have a plan, chances are that you are just following the flow of everyday circumstances and hence you are not in control of the situation. Having a plan will ensure that you have a direction to follow and hence your time will be spent more effectively. As the saying "time is money" is real, one need to do the most important tasks that yield the maximum return before anything else.
  • Things To Do Get a list of things to do for the day or even the week. Set a goal and target for the day that you want to accomplish. Be realistic with the goals but always try to push yourself to a higher limit. Review through the things to do items and update them at the end of the day.
  • Manage Your Time Getting an electronic organizer or PDA will help you to organize yourself better. Meetings and appointments can be recorded instead of remembering them. Block out time for yourself and family as these are important to you too. A healthy family relationship will help you to perform better in your job.
  • Say "NO" When necessary, say "NO". This two alphabet is the magical word that you should learn how to say as you will receive many requests to do this and that. You have to be firmed in this if you want to be productive in your work. You cannot possibly meets all the demand of your colleagues or even your customers. Remember that you only have 24 hours a day and your priority should be your job and not helping others to do their job.
  • Environment Are there any changes that you can do to make your place of work a more productive one for you? Having a desk with enough space for computer and writing area, getting the correct lighting, getting the right capacity of air conditioner, having the right chair and getting a good feature phone are all fundamental to a good work environment.
  • Organize Document Organize all files and document properly. Doing the organizing of files daily will help one to find the correct material in the shortest time. Name cards should also be organized in alphabetical order to help you retrieve them when needed.
  • Meetings Always strive to get an outcome for every meeting that you attend. Do not let things get pushed to another meeting. Take up courses such as influencing and negotiating skills to enhance your leadership skill.
  • Self Improvement Look after your physical health by having regular exercise. Eat healthy food and go for personal development courses that helps to enhance your career. When you are healthy and there is balance in your life, you will be able to keep your stress level low and automatically your productivity will increase.

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