Patent Attorney Career Description

Patent Attorney Career

A patent attorney career deals mainly with the intellectual properties of a certain inventions. A second degree will help one to have the competency to understand and draft patent applications. For example, if one intends to involve in patent and design of electronics products, one may consider taking up a course in electronics engineering.

In this field of work, you will help to advise inventors whether their invention can be patented. This is done by doing a patent search. Once the search conclude that it can be patented, you will proceed to draft the patent application for them. You can provide this kind of service to big organizations, individuals or scientists. Generally you will be involved with the personnel in the research and development field.

The process of drafting will include diagrams and claims for the invention. Regular contacts with the inventor and the patent office is a necessity to get the job done. Once the drafting is completed, it will be submitted to the USPTO where it will be examined by the examiners who will determine whether the application can become a patent. If the claims already existed, it will be rejected and you will have to modify the document before resubmit to the patent office.

As more and more products are being invented, the need for patent attorneys who are knowledgeable in a specialize field is urgently needed. In the past, the process of drafting a patent application sometimes can take months due to the shortage of patent attorney. As such, the job prospects for this specialize career will be in greater demand in the days to come.

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