Pediatrician Career Descriptions

What is a pediatrician career descriptions? A pediatrician is a specialize doctor who diagnose and treat children and infant of their injuries or diseases. The doctor is able to diagnose and treat various illnesses specific to this group of individuals from infancy to adulthood. A general pediatrician generally treat common illnesses and other diseases common to infant and children.

They also provide immunization program to the children. Some may choose to pursue their education and become specialist in cardiology, surgeon and other specialize fields.

Nature of Job

  • Give advice and vaccination of infants and children from the moment the baby is born.
  • Chart the development and growth of the baby with the parents. Measurement of weight, height, and organ developments are recorded and treatment is provided if necessary.
  • If a child is diagnosed to be having a certain problem beyond his ability to treat, coordination to receive treatment from other specialists is done by the pediatrician.
  • Diagnose and treat day to day illnesses for instance viral infection, bacterial infection, physical injury due to a fall, minor cuts and bruises treatment.
  • Operate to remove or improve the functioning of a part of a body.
  • Plan and help to administer health programs in the hospital or community.
  • Provide documentation and medical records of patients to other physicians if necessary.


One has to be good in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics to pursue a medical degree. After medical school, there will be 1-3 years of residency training in pediatrics. Once this is over, you can start a job as a pediatrician. Some may continue to pursue their studies and become more specialise. In order to keep abreast with the latest development in this field, most pediatricians are encouraged to attend conference. The main conference in the US is the meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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