Personal Injury Lawyer Career Description

A personal injury lawyer is needed to represent a person who has been injured physically or psychologically as a result of an accident. Personal injury falls under Tort Law. A tort is a civil wrong recognized by law as grounds for a lawsuit.

The lawyer will represent the clients who have been the victims as a result of vehicle accidents, medical malpractices, accidents at work, accidents at home, dental accidents, and other industrial accidents. The cause of these accidents could be due to negligence that may cause injury to the parts of the body, mental anguish, death, deafness, asthma, skin problems and other illnesses or discomfort to the victims.

All of these falls under the category of the violation of an individual's right. Some of the common causes that a personal injury lawyer may be engaged to help are listed below.

Defects In Products

If a product is bought from the market and found to be defective, the injury or death caused as a result of using it can be classified under personal injury. A lawyer can be engaged to sue the manufacturer or her representatives to pay compensation to the victim.

Vehicle Accidents

When a collision occurred involving cars, motorcycles or other vehicles, the damage is often irreversible.

Medical or Dental Malpractice

When a doctor, nurse or any personnel of a clinic or hospital make mistakes in providing health care to the patients, the hospital and its representatives can be sued for the negligence and pay compensation to the victims. This is a serious case as most of the time, the patient's life is in the hands of the professional healthcare and the medical practitioners must take all the precaution necessary to ensure no negligence happen.

Occupational Accidents

Occupational injuries especially in the construction and manufacturing industries happen many times due to the negligence of the owners to provide proper tools and safety procedures to their workers. The resultant injury or death will need a personal injury lawyer to help expedite the compensation process and ensuring that countermeasures are taken by the employer to ensure that similar accident will not happen again in the future.

Amusement Parks Accidents

Many machinery and equipment are used and deployed in the amusement park for visitors to enjoy. If care and regular maintenance are not taken seriously, accidents may happen and the victims have the rights to engage a lawyer to claim for compensation for the injury caused by negligence.

The above are some of the situation where one can engage a the lawyer to claim for compensation in the form of loss of income, permanent disability, pain and suffering or even mental anguish. The lawyer normally practiced in big cities and capital of the country. Some of the big cities in the US that one can work are San Francisco  Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, to name a few. 

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