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Photography Jobs

Photography jobs involved the taking of photos or video shots and using the shots to produce pictures or video to display an event. This career may look simple but in reality it requires knowledge and experience in choosing a subject concern to achieve a particular effect and using the most appropriate equipment. Equipment used during photography include film camera, digital camera, filters, tripods, lenses and flash to ensure the quality of the work.

In recent years, the use of digital camera in photography jobs is slowly replacing film camera for various reasons. In digital camera, once the images are captured, they can be stored, edited and save on a thumb drive, memory stick, compact disc, hard disk and various storage devices. Knowledge of using the software to produce good images is absolutely necessary. Most photographers spend lots of time using the software.

The older technology of film camera is still being used but the effort taken to process the film and its not inflexibility have reduced its usage compared to digital camera. Digital camera does not require a dark room to process the pictures as the images can be downloaded immediately to a computer for further processing.

There are many areas of specialization of photographer jobs that one can embarked on. Some prefer to attached themselves to a company and earn fixed income. Many however prefer to do freelance. Freelance photographers normally license or sell their photographs to companies or directly to the public. Some of the areas of specializations are listed below.


They photograph or video people, places, sporting event, political event or community event. Those events captured will be used by magazines, newspapers or television. Most have dedicated event to cover and may have to work irregular hour. Travel is often a necessity as some news coverage occur outside the state or even outside the country.

Scientific Photographers

This field of photography involves taking images of various objects for scientific purposes. The knowledge of the subjects under study is crucial so that some critical shots will not be missed out especially when it involved a certain processes that are time dependent. Field of knowledge may include biological science, medicine or engineering.

Underwater Photographers

This underwater photography career is a very specialize and niche field. One need to be able to know how to scuba dive, swim and using the specialize tools and equipments to ensure that the pictures taken are not lost. Once water goes into the camera, the possibility of damage to the camera and images are high.

Underwater photography needs a lot of patient and experience and one need to dive in groups to ensure adequate help is available in the event of emergency.

Travel Photographers

This career is interesting if one enjoys traveling to take pictures of places, nature, animals, insects, and other exotic event in various locations of the world. Your pictures can be featured in documentaries, news, specialized magazines or even in National Geographic if they are good. 

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