Sommelier- All About Wine

Also known as the "wine guys", this job is for those with both the passion for and knowledge of wine. They are evaluated by how good they are at selling the wine to customers. Their objective is not only to sell wine but also to educate the customers about what they are drinking.

This job entails maintaining the wine cellar including making sure that the wines are of high quality, are stored properly and at the right temperatures. The restaurant's wine list is to be constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and to ensure the availability of a wide variety of wines to suit the different customer's needs.

This task is made easier by having a good rapport with suppliers who will provide details of wines available and popular at the moment. Besides working with suppliers, close relationship with chefs is also important to discuss wine pairing for new dishes that they come out with.

To qualify, you need to know the basics about wine. You can obtain these information from books on wine at a bookshop nearby or from the vast information on the internet. Once you are ready, you can proceed to take the Certified Sommelier Exam.

This is just a paper qualification to prove that you have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field but is not a necessity to become a wine guy. There are many people who work in this field without going through the exams equipped only with their experience in the field.

To be the best at this job, one needs to be passionate about wine. You need to do research and remember a lot of details about the different wines available as well as monitoring wine drinking trends. Talking to people and finding out what they like enhances the customer relationship.

A good memory, in fact, is important when serving regular customers as you need to recall what they like and serve it to them. Lying is out when it comes to wine. If you don't know something, just say so, else, you risk losing your customer.

The prospect for this job is good as every decent restaurant has at least one wine guy. The salary in a hotel is definitely higher than in a normal restaurant. If you are a master in this field, you get the opportunity to taste the wine with your customers as well.

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