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Stockbroker Career Description

A stockbroker is a "middleman" which can be a person or a company that helps to purchase and sell stocks on behalf of an individual or a company. Stock is the capital raised by a corporation through the issuance and sale of shares of the corporation.

The stockbroker earns a commission as a result of the transaction that took place. The commission usually is a percentage of the value of the shares that have been traded. Stockbroker normally works from an office with computer terminals that have accessed to the latest and up to date information on the prices of the stock market.

Apart from that, they need to spent time with new and existing clients to understand their needs as well as providing good and sound advice to them.

There is no particular education requirement to become a stockbroker but this may vary from country to country. However, many stockbrokers have basic degree or join the industry after working in other fields. Many successful stockbrokers do not have any qualification beyond their high school.

Stockbroker career is for those who can accept less guaranteed money for the potential to make a lot. The earnings are unpredictable but if managed carefully and over the long run, you could be earning much more than what your peers earn from a salaried employment.

Job Nature

  • Conduct research, analysis on stock market trends locally and worldwide.
  • Detailed study on history, prospects of the companies whose stocks are being traded. Study may include stock price earning ratio to determine whether it is a good stock to purchase at that point of time.
  • Study the needs of the customers and do profiling as each customer has different needs.
  • Meeting clients and provide advise on stock market facts and trends.
  • Execute the buying and selling of stocks for the clients and advise clients once transactions have taken place.
  • Well informed on the economic and political scenario of a country and the world as these factors greatly influenced the price of the stocks.

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