Time Management Technique

Time management technique has evolved with the advancement of technology. Time is a precious element that many of us take for granted in our daily lives. Every second that passes by will never be repeated. It is gone forever and what we do with each second of our lives will determine the fruit of our labor in the future. In other words, what we do now will affect our future whether be it our studies, jobs, relationships, business etc.

Fortunately, time management technique has been developed by many "gurus" and simple tools being formulated to help us manage our time more effectively. Studies have shown that many businesses and large corporations were successful in making profits and the companies continue to grow due to the individuals who were skillful in their management style, one of which is time management technique.

The essence of time management is to help one identify and focus on the activities that provide the greatest return of investment. Though one may not see immediate tangible result in implementing the various time management tools, doing it will ensure that you work smart and not work hard. If one does not have proper time management technique, one may be busy doing lots of things and tasks that yield little return by the end of the day. Hence it is of extreme importance that one goes back to the basics of time management.

Time Management Technique And Tools

Some of the practical Do-It-Yourself time management technique that one should consider are suggested below.

  • Goal Setting What are the the goals that I am to achieve for next week, next month, next year etc? Having a set of long term goals will help one to break down the activities that are needed to accomplish the goals. Goals with time lines will help one focus ones mind to complete a given job. If you haven't got any goals written down, start doing it and you will be surprised that it actually helps you to crystalise your thoughts.
  • Prioritize The Work With the list of goals that you have generated, start to prioritize the important ones first and arrange them in descending order. This will help you to know that the ones on top needs to be done first. The 80:20 rule or Pareto Principle is applied here of which it states that 80% of unfocussed effort generates only 20% of results and the remaining 80% results are achieved using 20% of the effort.
  • Generate Action Plans Having the priorities generated, the time has come to generate the action plans. Plan the action plans for each day and each week. In this way, when one goes to work, there is a specific target set and to be achieved by end of the day.
  • Activity Logs At the end of the day, record down what you have achieved in the activity logs. This is a good time review to check how you really spend your time. Has it been effective?
  • Do Not Procrastinate It is quite normal of one to procrastinate to do certain important tasks which one is not familiar with. It is the human nature to only do what one is familiar with. This effort of not procrastinating involves the will and one has to consciously overcome it by ones strong will and desire to do it.
  • Important Vs Urgent If you find that you have so much urgent issues to take care of that you do not have time to do important tasks, it is a sign that procrastination has come in or that you are overloaded by your boss. The outcome of this is that you will continue to do urgent issues and over time the important tasks will soon turn into urgent issues and this cycle continues. In the end you will get burnt out. Many times, the important tasks are unpleasant or mundane tasks that takes only a short duration to do. Do not depend on your emotion or feeling in doing the important tasks. One has to recognize what is important and what is urgent. If the production line suddenly stop operating due to a failure of a machine, it clearly is an urgent matter to attend to.The important things are something that helps to build up your career or serves to enhance your skills. Training and enhancement of new skills is an example of important task that will help your career in the long run.

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