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In recent years, travel and tourism career has been in great demand like never before as the economy of the countries around the world continue to grow. Travel industry has created many jobs and many countries depend on tourism as a source of their revenue. Tourism industry are linked among others to hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, eco tourism, catering and airlines.

As the cost of travelling continue to decrease due to the effort by the low cost carriers and budget hotels that come up with more innovative ways of doing business, many people around the world can now afford to travel. This is in addition to the loan facilities that banks are now offering for those who have no budget but still need to travel.

All these factors are moving the travel and tourism industry forward at a pace never imagined before. As a results of these factors, travel and tourism career is becoming an option for many to consider as a career that they can develop.

There are many jobs relating to travel and tourism. They include travel agent, tour guide, ticketing agent and others. One of the most popular job is that of a travel agent. The travel agents work with the customers to help them design the best trip that meet their needs.

The needs can vary from going for business trip, studies, vacation or seeking medical treatment overseas. They deal with people all the time. As such, one must like to work with different kinds of people in helping them to make their trip a memorable one.

One of the benefits of working in this industry is that one will most probably get to travel to various destinations of the world at a fraction of the cost or free of charge if it is related to the job that one is doing. This is one of the perks that the travel and tourism career offers to the employees.

Job Nature of a Travel Agent 

  • Advise the customers on the choice of destination. Some customers are not sure of which destination to go and the travel agent has to have the knowledge to recommend the best destination based on their needs and budget. This is sometimes the most difficult task to do. Hence it is critical that you equipped yourself by reading and going to as many places of interest as possible in order to advise the best location for the customers.
  • Purchasing airline tickets, making hotel and car rental reservations as well as providing information on the places of interest in that place is part of the job. Some customers prefer to travel on their own rather than following the tour guide. As such, you need to provide as much information as possible to the customers to ensure that their trip is hassle free. They will remember you for that and will most probably come back to you for repeat business in the near future.
  • Providing information on customs regulations, airport tax, the visas requirements, vaccinations requirements, currency exchange rates are some of the critical services that a travel agent has to provide to the customers. Hence a manual on the entry requirements of each countries will be helpful.
  • As most travellers will travel during the holiday seasons, this will be the time when the travel industry will be at its busiest. You will find that there will be many demand from the customers to travel at this time. Hence, working overtime to do all the necessary arrangement is a norm at this time of the year.

Qualifications in Travel and Tourism Career

The basic qualification needed for a travel agent is high school diploma. There are also many travel agent courses that are offered during the evening to help one increase ones proficiency in this job. As the use of computer is inevitable in the current workplace, basic skills such as using the internet and simple windows based program such as microsoft office are required. Many of the purchasing of tickets are now transacted using the internet.

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