Veterinarian Career

Are you keen to embark on a veterinarian career? Veterinarians are doctors who cared for the health and well being of our pets, livestock and other farm animals. They diagnose, treat, vaccinate and look into the total well being of the animals.

Most veterinarians open their own private clinics to treat pets in the neighbourhood. They usually treat dogs, cats, birds, and other reptiles that are kept as pets by the owners. Generally pet owners are more affluent and are willing to pay for the service rendered. The job opportunities as a veterinarian is good as more pets are being kept and treated as part of the family.

Some veterinarians also cared and provide regular medical care for horses, goats, cows, pigs, sheeps and other farm animals. They provide health care programs, do mass vaccinations, advises owners on food and housing issues and most important of all is to ensure that the animals remain healthy.

Some veterinarians prefer to pursue their studies and do research work to prevent and treat various diseases that affect the human. Others may be involved in enforcing the Government regulations on food and sanitation. This include ensuring that the animals are slaughtered in a hygienic place with proper facilities.

Skills & Qualifications

The following are some of the skills one need to acquire in order to become competent in Veterinarian Career.

  • The basic degree needed before one can practice as a veterinarian is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from an accreditated college after which a license must be obtained before one can qualify to practice.
  • Interested in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics as one will be studying in greater details of the subjects at college level.
  • Like animals. Keen to socialize with all types of people.
  • When necessary, euthanatize (put to sleep) an animal that has been severely wounded and beyond recovery.
  • May have to travel long distances to ranches or farms to treat the animals when the need arises.
  • Work irregular hours as many owners may make emergency call to the veterinarian.

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