What It Takes To Become An
Area Manager

What is an Area Manager?

An area manager is also called a regional manager who is given the overall responsibility of managing all your company’s stores in a selected area which includes several districts or counties. You would not only be in charge of the stores in the area, but you would also be responsible of all your staff’s doing. This means that you would be handling a total of about 60 to 80 staff members per store.

Your work is mostly office based which covers:

  • Tasks and duties from delivering growth in line with the companies goals and missions.
  • Maximizing sales and profitability of the stores in your area.
  • Stimulating and providing a supportive environment for your staff.
  • Maintaining and increasing standards of customer service within your area.

You would also be in charge of driving your team’s performance as well as controlling the training and development schemes of your staff. A large measure of autonomy is given with this position and you would have the opportunity of working along with senior managers of your company.

You will also be working with various store managers and department managers. This means that you will also be doing a lot of traveling as you will be required to visit the stores in your area on a constant basis.

In a week, you are required to clock in from 35 to 40 hours of work. At times, an area manager would also be required to work during weekends and on certain occasions such as public holidays.

What It Takes To Become An Area Manager?

This position requires a lot of management and leadership skills. Hence you would need to be a true leader in leading and managing a large number of staff as well as the multiple stores in the area.

You should be able to inspire, motivate and lead a team especially during store crisis and when there is high customer presence. This is where your skills in prompt and fast decision making abilities come in handy as well as the ability to work under pressure and handle challenging situations.

In any job where customers and clients are involved, you would definitely need excellent communication and people skills to not only handle various types of clientele that walk into your stores but also to establish a strong commitment to customer service.

You would be in charge of store growth and maximizing sales and profit. You would also need immaculate skills in understanding and analyzing sales figures. The ability to plan and organize different innovative methods and schemes in consistently bringing in profits in the area you control is also necessary.

How Do I Qualify For The Job?

Experience is a much needed qualification in this line of work, especially in store and department managerial positions, regardless of industry. Where education qualification is needed, you do not necessarily need a PhD in management but competency in Math and IT is important.

You should hold at least an A levels certificate, a diploma in management, IT, business, a degree in retail, store management or marketing. Hands-on-experience and in-house training is a very much needed skill. That is why experience from bottom up is essential for this position.

An area manager can look forward to earning a cool $40K to $50K annually or more, as well as extra bonuses and commissions for every sales target met.

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