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Should army jobs be one of a consideration for your career? This basic introduction will aid in determining the suitability of joining the army as a career for you.

As technicalities for the military increases in complexity, joining the army is no longer a last resort for those who have not completed adequate education to start a career. The military will no longer be seen as a profession without prestige.

The lower ranks of military personnel is required to at least possess a secondary school qualification, or in some cases, college certificate; while the upper ranks are required to have completed their bachelor’s degree.

The military can be divided into 2 major components, enlisted personnel and officers. The enlisted personnel are the individuals who are responsible for the core activities of the military, combat for one, and other functions such as administration, engineering, construction, human services and health care. The officers are supervisors and administrators of the military and make up a lesser percentage of the total number of people in the army.

For enlisted personnel, these are broken into groups according to functionalities. These are administrative; combat specialty; construction; electric and electronic equipment repairs; engineering, science and technical; health care; human resources development; machine operator and production; media and public affairs; protective service; support service; transportation and material handling; vehicle and machinery mechanics.

The groups for officers, on the other hand, are combat specialty; engineering, science and technical; executive, administrative and managerial; health care; human resource development; media and public affairs; protective service; support services; transportation.


The basic requirements to procure a job may vary depending on country, but for the United States, the candidate must be between 17 to 41 years of age, US citizen or permanent resident, in good physical condition, in good moral standing and has a high school qualification. Subsequently, a written examination will be given and candidates must pass to qualify for the jobs.

It is important before embarking on an application for army jobs to ascertain the areas of interest for you. Due to the various function groups for the army, one must ascertain which is the most suitable for oneself, and whether joining the army is in itself suitable for one. Once the decision has been made, a written contract needs to be signed, with stipulated amount of time to serve, bonuses and options for enlistment.

Due to the short term nature of military careers, with the average time span of 20 years, people wishing to enlist in other careers after the completion of army jobs need to further weigh in on the merits of each function groups. Factors that needed under consideration are, among others, whether the skills obtained from the type of army jobs selected are transferable to other careers as well.

These need not be a setback from procuring army jobs, however. This is due to the numerous active and post-retirement benefits that the military provides, such as free medical and dental care, paid leave, education benefits and others, on top of the substantial basic pay.

Financial wise, it is reported that the lowest ranking military personnel in the US earns approximately $1,064 and can increase up to $12,963. The notable benefit from joining the military would be its emotional merits, the actualization of honour and dignity for the country within oneself.


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