Basic Computer Skill

Basic computer skill is a necessity as the world continues to move at a pace not imagined before in the area of information and communications technology. This skill is require of anyone who wants to be successful in ones job, in retrieving information from libraries and other public amenities, in education and many other areas of our daily lives.

Gone are the days where the use of typewriters and telegram dominate our daily communications. Those who live in the era before the invention of computer will find it hard to keep up with the computer world. Fortunately, the way the computer software has been programmed is making it easy for anyone who has a basic of reading and writing to pick up these basic skills in a matter of days.

Some of the basic computer skill that one should know are ....

  • Computer Operating System This is the fundamental of how one uses and operate a computer. Basic skills such as using windows explorer to manage, locate and open files are fundamentals. Launching an application software such as spreadsheet program to do ones work, doing a search in finding a file, how to install a program that you purchase from a computer shop...
  • Internet This is the most important skill that you should pick up. The internet has tons of valuable information that you can find in the comfort of your home or office. Use it well and it will save you lots of hassle in getting good and timely information in your daily lives.
  • Microsoft Office Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint are tools that you should know. Knowing them will help you to get things done by means of electronics hence data manipulation and automating processes can be done easily.
  • Email The email has become a basic needs for everyone these days. Email is fast replacing hardcopy letters in our communications with our friends where the information flow is faster and cheaper. Learn how to send an email and retrieve an email.

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