Behavioral Science Career

What is Behavioral Science Career? Behavioral Science is one of the social science studies that one can major in. It is the exploration and understanding of the effect of human actions on relationships as well as decision making. 

There are many career options that a Behavioral Science graduate can choose from. Some of them are listed below.

  • Market Reseacher Market researcher conducts market research and help companies to understand the reasons customers use or choose a certain product or services over the other. They help to increase the brand image and sales of the companies by recommending actions to be taken based on the research done.
  • Social Worker Social Workers use their skills in behavioral science to assist an organisation or communities improve their standard of living. They do research on domestic violence and child abuse, their causes and suggest solutions to overcome the problems that are troubling the community.
  • Anthroplogist The study of human character and the impact of geography on different groups of people help one to understand the causes of poverty and crime in the community. They help to develop programs involving the larger populations to reduce or eliminate many of the social problems in the society.
  • Criminologist The study and analysis of economics, geography, demographics and race helps the criminologist to anticipate crime in the community. The root causes are determined and programs are developed to discourage and eliminate factors that influences the activities of the criminal.

Qualifications and Skills 

  • Degree in Behavioral Science.
  • COnduct research and analyze the results. Data analysis skills using spreadsheets and computer programs to test the theories are needed.
  • Ability to read, read and have a good command of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Listening and Questioning skills.
  • Presentation skills in presenting their findings to audience in seminars or conventions.
  • Interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with a variety of people or people groups.

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