Career As a Fashion Designer

Are you considering to embark on a career as a fashion designer? What exactly is the job nature of a fashion designer? Fashion designing is gaining popularity as customers taste change with time. They basically design clothes, hats, shoes swim suits, handbags, wedding gowns and other accessories to be displayed, manufactured, and sell to the public.

Many fashion designer are self employed or work for fashion design houses, apparel manufacturer, fashion magazines, advertizing companies or fashion show business. Successful designer stands out from the rest by using their creativity, patience and hardwork to produce original piece of work that appeal to the masses.

Many fashion designer eye to work with celebrities as this will propel their career at a faster pace compared to other type of jobs. Those who make it can earn a 7 figure income annually. However, the job demands a lot of time, creativity, and keeping one up to date with the latest trend in the market.

In the fashion world, the fields of specialization include Textile Designer, Creative Designer, Technical Designer, Sketcher or even as a Cutter. Some may choose to progress from one field to another instead of staying the same area of specialization.

Qualifications and Nature Of Job

  • A basic degree in fashion design is strongly recommended.
  • Knowledge of CAD to assist design and reduce the time it takes for one to come out with a good design.
  • Inclination for colors, pattern making, sewing, sketching, textiles and trimmings, garment and costume history. Creativity and thinking out of the box will be an asset though this can be developed.
  • Keeping up to date with the fashion trend by reading fashion magazines, newspaper, advertisement, doing research on the internet and books on fashion to ensure that the design that is created is not out of date.
  • Initially may have to work long hours with low pay but once successful, compensation will come in automatically.

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