Career As Athletic Trainers

What is the nature of job for one who intends to pursue a career as athletic trainers? I am sure you have seen scene from the soccer matches of which when a player gets critically injured, one or two personnel will quickly come to the field to help treat the player. Some of the injury sustained include muscular cramps, sprains and blisters.

Treatments used varies from taping, ice packs, massaging to electrical stimulation. They are the health professionals who work with professional athletes in helping to prevent and treat injuries. They keep medical records of the athletes, prepare and determine the quality of the protective gear to be used, do health screening and work with coaches to prepare fitness programs for the athletes.

One critical requirements of the athletic trainers is to be able to communicate well and work together with other team members in meeting the needs of the athletes. They must be able to:

  • Train and provide necessary instructions on safety procedures.
  • Risk associated with the game. 
  • Determine when a player is fit to play again. 
  • The estimated duration needed to treat an injury. 
  • Be at the field when the athletes are having their training as well as during the competition itself. 
  • They also need to know the choice of food and exercise needed to strengthen certain area of the body.

There are various jobs that an athletic trainer can attached to. They can work in school or college sport teams, for professional team, for individual athlete, in health clubs, or as a teacher that teaches other subjects besides having a career as athletic trainers. Depending on the job attachment, some are more routine in term of hours of work.

Working hours in hospitals and sports institution are more predictable compared to working in the field where the athletes compete. This work requires more irregular hours and one may have to work 7 days a week for a season for the duration of the competition.

As this job deals with people most of the time, one must have a strong desire and willingness to help people to succeed.


Generally a bachelor degree in science and health related courses is required. Courses such as nutrition, physiology and human anatomy are some examples that one may want to consider pursuing. Many have teaching certificate as well as most colleges require one to be well equipped in this area before being considered for promotion to some key positions.

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