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Career in architecture is always in demand as the population that grows need places to stay, work, eat, worship, recreation and other activities. The design of the places and structures that we see everyday are conceptualize by the architects.

Architects are trained in the art and science of building design. They design the aesthetic, functions, safety and other concepts to meet the different type of people who will be using the facilities. Most architects have the flexibility to set up their own consulting business. This kind of job needs a lot of creativity and originality of work. As such, most architects have to work long hours at certain phase of the project to meet the deadlines.

Architecture job functions may include the followings.

  • Discussion with clients on the concept of buidings, the budget of the project and other requirements.
  • Conduct site study and survey and its impact to the environment.
  • Designing of building and structures for approval of customers. Changing of design according to requirements of customers
  • Develop detailed final construction plans which may include electrical system, heating ventilation and air conditioning system, communications systems, and other facilities in accordance to the laws governing each section.
  • Work with electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designer, surveyors and other professionals to ensure that the construction plans are well understood.
  • Work with contractors to ensure that the construction based on the design is strictly adhered to. Completion of each phase of the project needs to be certified by the architect before the next phase can commence.


The knowledge of science, physics, mathematics are necessary for one to pursue a career in architecture. Creativity in design helps though this could be developed as one undertake the course. A basic Bachelor of Architecture is needed and it is usually a 5 year program course that one can undertake after high school.

Ensure that your degree that you will be getting is accredited by NAAB(National Architechural Accrediting Board). In the US, once you have graduated, you have to go through practical training program and pass the ARE (Architect Registration Examination). 

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