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How is a career in cosmetology like? Cosmetology is another branch of career that provides services to people to enhance their look by the care and treatment of their skin, hair and nails. On top of providing these services, they may also give consultations in these areas. The people who are involved in this branch of career are also known as cosmetologists.

As people become more affluent, the job opportunity for cosmetologists continue to flourish. Many customers are willing to pay well if the services provided are satisfactory and good. One has to keep abreast with the latest available technology in this field so that the customers are confident that you are providing the best service and care for them.

Barbers/Hairdresser/Hair Stylist

As a barber or a hair stylist, one need to learn the fundamentals of the different types of hair in different people. Some have curly hair while other may have straight hair. Knowing how to analyze and recommend the best style for a particular shape of a person's head is part of the job of a hairdresser.

Once the customer agrees to the style of the hair, one will proceed to provide hair trimming or hair cut to the customer. Other related services could include washing and shampooing, changing the color of the hair by using dye, scalp treatments and facial shaving.


Manicurists and Pedicurists deal with the nails treatment of the hands and feet of the customer. They are also popularly known as Nail Technicians. The job involved the trimming of nails, coloring, manicures and pedicures of the nails. Tools such as files, cuticle pushers and buffers are used to do the job. Other products used include polish and cuticle remover, nail enamel as well as aromatheraphy.

Skin Care Specialists

A career in cosmetology could include being a Skin Care Specialist. They are also known as Estheticians whose job are to provide care to the skin and body of the clients. They also help to remove unwanted hair from parts of the body. Body massaging is also a part of the job which is now a growing industry in the saloon and spa in various hotels and shops. The ability to identify any problem with the skin and the recommended treatments are part of the training of an Esthetician.

Education Requirements

Usually a state license is required in order for one to become a cosmetologist. Generally, one must he a high school graduate in order to apply for the license. One can apply to be trained in a cosmetology school where the flexibility of doing full time or part time course is available. Duration of the training varies from a couple of months to 2 years. A good resource which one can go to is The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences which provides information on schools which are accredited and other related information on cosmetology.

Some of the courses that one may be trained in pursuing the career in cosmetology may include the anatomy of the human body, practical hygiene and infection control, basic chemistry, hair styling methods, scalp treatments, manicuring, use of wigs, how to change the colors of ones hair, pedicuring and other related topics.


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