Career in Dog Training

You may want to consider a career in dog training if you like dogs and have been dealing with dogs for some time. Animal lovers usually get job satisfaction from this type of occupation. Seeing the dog that is not able to respond to a simple instruction initially to being able to even compete in dog's competition will surely gives motivation to the trainer to continue on with the career.

The trainer trains the dog by getting close to the animal for it to get used to the human voice. As instructions are given to the animal repeatedly, it is than conditioned to be able to listen to the command given. There are many techniques used in training, and one of the common one is called "Bridge", a stimulus that a trainer uses to communicate the exact time when the dog does something correctly.

When it does, positive encouragement is given by giving the animal reward such as food, toys or speaking a reinforcement word. The trainer also takes care of the food and physical exercise program for the animal.

The duration of the training takes months to do before positive results are yielded. This requires great patience and perseverance on the trainer. If you have seen dog shows in competition or in the zoo, you will be amazed at how well the dogs behave themselves. Good trainers usually need to give instruction once and the dog will obey immediately.

There are a few ways for one to develop ones career in dog training. One of them is by apprenticeship where one helps the professional trainers to train the dogs. The other is by attending school where the course on dog training is offered. Another way is by reading books and joining a group of professionals who can provide good advice on the techniques used.

Obtaining Certification

For one to move up the career as in any other jobs, getting certification and joining dog trainers association is highly recommended. Joining the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers CCPDT is an important step where one can get certified to advance in this niche career. The goal of the CCPDT is to design a national/international validated, standardized process to assess dog trainer knowledge and competency.

Association Of Pet Dog Trainer

Another step that one can take is to join dog trainer association such as APDT, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers which is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education. It promotes professional trainers in the veterinary profession and strives to increase public awareness of dog-friendly training techniques. 

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