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Are you considering a career in information technology? In the past 20-30 years, the way information was communicated and stored was using books, printed materials, letters, aerogram, tape recorder and telephone among others. In the past two decades, the use of computer and storage technology in the area of information has caused the term ICT or Information and Communication Technology to become a part and parcel of our daily lives.

Information technology deals with the use of computers, supporting equipments and softwares that are interconnected together wired or wirelessly to automatically acquire, store, convert, process, manage, control, transmit, display information and retrieving any information anywhere and anytime.

ICT finds its applications in schools, hospitals, transportation systems, government agencies, telecommunication companies, factories and a host of other applications.

The advancement of IT has caused major changes to our lives. We can now pay our bills online, book hotel rooms online, see real time the traffic condition of our cities and connected to our friends or family members all the time.

The results of advancement in this field have opened a big window of opportunities for jobs and career at all level. Here are some of them.

Career Profiles of a Web Designer 
The services of web designers and hosting providers are projected to continue to have great demand in the years to come. Career profiles of a web designer is provided here. 

Career Opportunities in Multimedia Computing 
The career opportunities in Multimedia Computing and Design is becoming brighter each day as the Information Technology in this field continues to expand at an exponential rate. 

Graphic Designer Career 
Creativity and willing to think out of the box are two criteria that you need to embark on this challenging career.


IT Industry video. 

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