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Are you thinking of a career in medicine? Medicine is the branch of health care that deals with maintaining and restoring the human health through the study and application of science. It concerns with the causes of diseases and their treatment. One of the oldest field of medicine is being primary care doctors.

This profession provides medical services to individual and families in the area where they practiced. They are the first one that one go to whenever a medical problem first occurred. If further treatment is needed, they are the ones who will recommend the patient to see a specialist physician.

Specialist physicians specilised in the treatment of a specific area or part of a body. Cardiologists study the heart, Neurologists study the brain, Ophthalmologists study the eye, Hematologists study the blood, Oncologists study the treatment of cancer, Gastroenterologists study the digestive system, Pulmonologists the study of lungs and respiratory tract, Obstetricians/Gynecologists the fertility and childbirth, and Pediatricians on infants and children.

In pursuing a career in medicine, one need to be good in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Medicine is among one of the most demanding course compared to other disciplines of study. Usually, they spend 4 years as undergraduate, another 4 years in medical school and a few years in internship.

Physicians must have the desire to serve people, able to work long hours and under pressures, making good decisions in times of emergency, and continue to study and keep abreast with the latest development in the field of their practice. Of course the reward is good as physicians are among one of the top paying career in most develop and developing countries.

Nature of Job 

  • Most doctors deal with people and care for their well being. They work in clinics, hospitals, factories and schools to care for the people in need.
  • Some choose to go into research field to develop new treatments for AIDS, cancer, heart diseases and other infectious disease.
  • Some work with pharmaceutical companies and health organizations or medical equipment manufactures as salaried employee.
  • Lecturing at various medical universities and colleges is another alternatives for medical doctors. Many continue to do research in their field of interest and educate medical students at the same time.
  • Most physicians have to travel to hospital or homes to care for their patients. They are on call most of the time in the event of emergency. Working long and irregular hours are common among many physicians.

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