A Career in Neonatal Nursing

A career in neonatal nursing is challenging and in demand these days. It is a branch of nursing specialty that deals with the care of newly born infants during the first few weeks after their birth. You will most probably work in the maternity or children's hospital where the infants are cared for.

Babies that are born premature or sick require special attention and neonatal nurse will work together with the specialists to care for them.

The job in the intensive care units include feeding and changing the diapers of the infants, administering medications and performing tests, monitoring the progress of the babies as well as training and teaching the families the best way to care for their infants.

They also provide counselling to the parents at a time when they are depressed or anxious due to the conditions of their child. Working on shifts is normal and caring for the babies could last a few days to a few months for those with complications.

The joy of seeing the parents of the babies rejoice once they recover helps to make ones job a fulfilled one. Many continue to develop friendship with the parents and the child even after the child has been discharged.

Skills Needed In Neonatal Nursing

The following are some of the skills one need to acquire in order to become competent in neonatal nursing.

  • Interest in new born babies and empathetic towards the parents.
  • Understands the psychological and physiological needs of infants.
  • Ability to work as a team player, having good interpersonal skills.
  • Willing to learn new technical skills from other specialists. Willingness to learn how to operate the latest high tech equipments.
  • Continuous learning by attending Neonatal Nurses meetings and conferences where sharing of knowledge and the latest development in neonatal nursing is discussed.

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