Career in News Anchor

Having a career in News Anchor means that you are required to host the newscast in reporting major and breaking news stories locally or across the globe. You must be able to identify and interpret each events that happen. The job is similar to the newscaster that you see in CNN that report the latest news or a topic of interest to the audience. Many times, you will work with reporters who are on the scene of an event and bring life interview or report from that location.

Many work at private or federal own broadcasting stations. News reporting are growing day by day as the demand for fast and accurate news is increasing everyday both in the developed countries as well as the developing countries. Some may have the privilege of interviewing presidents, politicians, celebrities, sports idols, scientists and leaders of various countries in the course of their work.

Nature of Work

  • Working on shifts many times during nights or even weekends.
  • Work can be pressurizing, tiring, hectic and stressful at times but over time and with the right attitude, one should be able to adapt to it.
  • Personal grooming is a must as the entire nation or the world will see you on the screen. People make judgments by the appearance and the way you bring the news to them.
  • In touch with the latest happenings in the nation or around the world.
  • May have to work on the scene of events that are being reported. Some could be in the battlefield where fighting is going on.


  • Degree in mass communication or journalism. However, there are many with basic degree in other fields who take up this job as well.
  • Experience and internships in broadcasting stations, newspapers and magazines publishers will enhance the opportunity to be employed.
  • Some specialise newscasting for instance weather reporting, economics news or politics news may require one to have a basic degree in meterology, economics or political science.
  • Concentration on high school subjects in English, Social Science or Journalism will provide a good foundation before one pursue a degree at university or college level.
  • Learning extra languages will be an asset. Multilingual news anchor are in great demand in recent years.

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