Career In Real Estate

In recent years, career in real estate has evolved from just selling properties or land to other areas such as real estate appraisal and urban planning. The job basically involved working with people to help them or the company that they represent to buy, sell, rent or manage their properties.

The properties could be houses, condominiums, apartments, office buidings, industrial lots or land. Many choose this career due to the time flexibilities that it offered. Some started this job as a part time basis juggling it with family commitment.

However, starting out is tough initially and one has to put in many hours of hard work to develop their base of buyers and sellers. In the long run, many found that this type of career is more fulfilling.

As one continues to progress in this line of work and by furthering ones career by taking examinations, one can eventually set up their own real estate broker firm and employ other sales personnel. There are many courses offered by various colleges and universities that enables one to get a Bachelor degree in real estate.

There is no limit to the income that one can derived from real estate career. Many times, the income earned is proportional to the effort one puts in and the potential of earning is determined by the effort and perseverance one put in. 

Career In Real Estate Areas Of Specialization

There are many areas of specialization that you can embarked on in real estate career. You may just concentrate on one or two areas but over time, may want to diversify into other areas as their business expand. Here are some common career in real estate specialization.

  • Property Management - deals with the maintenance of a particular property to enable it to produce the highest return for the customers. Some of these properties are resorts homes where the owners collect a fixed rental income from the property management office. Others may include condominiums, apartments and office buildings.
  • Residential and Commercial Brokerage - helps people to buy and sell their houses, offices or industrial parks. This is one of the basic job almost every beginner to real estate will have to do. They help to facilitate the transactions and documentation needed on behalf of the customers. A good knowledge of the value, demand and supply of the properties, terms of agreement is necesary.
  • Farm and land Brokerage - deals with the land for farming and acquisition of land for commercial and residential development. A good knowledge of the value of the land under consideration is critical to the success of this brokerage.
  • Real Estate Appraising - deals with the determination of the value of the properties. This type of career is more technical in that one has to have good mathematical and accounting knowledge to enable one to do a good valuation of the properties under consideration.
  • Urban Planning - deals with the planning of a township or city in ensuring that the environment and the quality of life of the area under planning is taken into consideration when developing the area. One has to work closely together with the local governing authorites and environment engineers so that all the guidelines of urban planning is considered and adhered to before plans are approved for construction to take place.

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