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Are you planning to embark on a career in Social Science? It is an interesting field that uses scientific, qualitative and quantitative methods to study the human aspects of the world. Social Science nature of work may include working with people creatively to counsel, teach or instruct them in a certain subject matters that they specialized. One of the major that a social science student can major in is Behavioral Science.

Here are a few types of specialization that you can consider.


This field study about the beginning of mankind to present day. The study of ancient people, culture of a particular tribe, the music they played, how they live and what they do are all a part of this field. Archaeology,  the study of human culture through the study of the remains of human beings, architecture, landscape, ecofact and biofact are needed for us to know in greater details how the people of old lived.


This field requires you to be able to express well in writing, reading, speaking, thinking as well as communicate a certain skills or value to another person or groups of people. Journalism, News Anchor, public relations, publishing, advertising, broadcasting and market research are some of the areas that you can go into.


The teaching and learning of specific knowledge or skills is another field under Social Science. Teachers use different methods and style to impart a specific subject to the students. They lay the foundation that allows us to build on as we continue our education.


Geography is the study of our Earth, its features and how life and activities are distributed. The study could include economic and political geography amongst others.


A Linguist is someone who study the human language. It may include phonetics which is the study of human sound, morphology which is the study of internal structure of words, syntax, semantics or pragmatics to name a few.

Political Science

Political Science is the study and research that deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of politics. Public law, international relation, international law and foreign policy are some of the specialization that you can go into.


Psychology is the study of human mind and their behavior. One of the usage of psychology is that it uses the application of this knowledge to help solve the problems of individual in their daily lives. 

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