Career Profiles of Web Designer and Qualifications

What is the career profiles of web designer? A study showed that the use of Internet has been growing at an exponential rate with many businesses realize that they need to be on the internet to grow their business. As a result, the services of web designers and hosting providers are projected to continue to have great demand in the years to come. Many are making a living out of the Internet or online business.

Web designing job is triggered by the exploding growth of the use of Internet as mentioned above. The name itself implies that that the job to be done at a minimum will have to include web pages design, outlook of the pages, the resolution of the screen as well as the architecture of the website.

Knowledge of online commerce or popularly known as e-commerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), advertizing and user interactive applications are also necessary. One can be attached to a company as an employee or does freelance from home if desired.

The career profile of web designer is as summarized.

  • Must be able to adapt and follow the ever changing technological development of internet business. Consistently keeping onself up to date with the latest internet technology. New functions are added at regularly to serve the needs of the customers.
  • Knowledge of HTML programming to create web pages
  • Creation of good and attractive graphics and user friendly interface to serve and attract customers to the site.
  • Customize the web pages to cater for WIFI, Bluetooth and PDA applications.
  • Statistical analysis on the number of web pages viewed, time spent by users, countries of origin, number of unique visitors and other information need to be tracked to measure the performance and effectiveness of the web site.
  • Taking surveys and interact with end users to customize the site to the needs of the customers and the company.
  • Constantly review the site for improvement.

Qualification Of Career Profiles Of Web Designer

The basic qualification needed for a web designer are summarized below.

  • Bachelor degree in Graphic Designing or similar fields.
  • Knowledge of JAVAScript and HTML, GIF, TIF, JPEG, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Shockwave and Flash.

One may have to take initiatives to attend specialized courses at training centres if they do not have the experience to use a certain tools. Many big multinationals have programs to train fresh graduates when they first joined the company.

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