Career Transition

Are you in a season of career transition? In this age of border less societies and breakthroughs in communication and living, it’s not surprising that people nowadays are seeking to fulfill their passion. Many individuals these days allow themselves the freedom to experience multiple career opportunities.

As little as twenty years ago the ambition of the man in the street, or the promising graduate, was to seek and secure professional employment that was rewarded with a regular income, health coverage and the potential of attaining managerial level.

The idea then was that you had a set identity that was tied in with what your job was, how much you earned, your family and the car you drove. The concept of job or career transition was considered fraught with uncertainty and high possibility of failing.

Changing Times

However, times have changed and individuals now find themselves with the opportunity to experience and develop skills in multiple industries across the span of their working years.

Admittedly this was a luxury first offered to students willing to participate in intern programs that offered on the job experience in return for a responsible attitude and an eagerness to learn something about the given industry. Yet students could transition mid-course and utilise existing credits and intern experience whilst experimenting with what could be a future career change.

This change has also been coupled with the growing professional and personal freedom brought about by the huge technological developments in the last several years.

Not only can people sign up for, participate in and benefit from long distance or online education to experience and learn about new industries, but they can actively participate in industries from anywhere in the world.

People are also realising their growing desire to discover their passion in life - a concept that hasn’t really existed before compared to the present age when international travel, education and work can be experienced in multiple contexts and environments.

Investments in the form of expending your skills base, experimenting with the core skills over several industries or jobs that can be tailored to unique situations or opportunities.

Smart companies are recognising this need as well, allowing employees to train in other areas of the business or encouraging people to take on additional studies to allow them to change with the evolving business. Although many people are seeing the benefits in a career transition at key stages of their careers, it is not surprising to see people investing in new business and career opportunities after their retirement.

A career transition these days are no longer just applicable to the younger generations. Others with great depth of experience are now venturing into areas that are also risky in nature.

Job transitions should not be taken lightly, and there are now many business and web sites dedicated to advising individuals in making key choices when it comes to selecting and transitioning between jobs and careers. However it does appear that being able to do this provides one with a greater job satisfaction and even greater success in their careers.

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