Career Info Of A Computer Engineer

A computer engineer’s job differs from a computer hardware engineer. In a gist, he or she is responsible for developing, testing and evaluating software that makes a computer work. He or she is also responsible for developing new computer games, business and web applications as well as design an entirely new operating system for a specific purpose.

Apart from that, the responsibility of constructing and managing an organization’s computer system and providing technical support is also part and parcel of the job. The working environment of the engineers is mostly in an office or laboratory and they enjoy a traditional working schedule.

Qualification Needed

Most companies required the candidate to have at least a bachelor’s degree. If you have a Masters or PhD, that is even better.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science is the most common place to start. The many coursework and internship during college help to prepare the students for jobs that need database design, systems analysis, critical thinking and technical writing.

Continued education is vital in the computer science field as computer technology continues to evolve greatly and thus, educating oneself in the constantly changing technology is vital for a successful career.

A Master’s in Computer Science is an added value to the graduate as it makes him or her in higher demand. Working experience in handling several different database and applications are also vital.

Skills Required

People skills is not exactly a much needed criteria though it is an added advantage as people will find it easier to work with you. You would however need the ability to communicate properly with clients and customers as you are required to explain to them computer-related information in layman terms.

It also include trouble shooting skills if anything goes wrong with applications and to explain to client problems that are related to computer engineering. Being a team player is vital because you will need to liaise with different departments when building applications. Coming up with systems that meet you client's needs include brainstorming sessions which are part and parcel of the job.

The ability to work under pressure is also essential as you would be required to complete a system or an application within a stated period of time. Strong analytical skills and the ability to multitask are also part of the criteria needed.

Salary and Industry

In short, the industry and career opportunities for aspiring engineers are bright! The computer engineering industry has shown a much faster growth than average compared to other fields. The engineers can find jobs in other industries such as healthcare, news media design, telecommunications, electrical and electronics, multimedia design, financial institutions, transportations and even airline companies.

Basically, at the advent of the new age, the potential engineers can be expected to be employed in every industry and earn as much as $120,000 annually whether to perform programming, installation or system design work.

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