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Cruising Your Way For A Job

What is Cruise Ship Job all about? How is it like to sail on a cruise ship? Instead of thinking that it is impossible, Why don't you try applying for a job on one? Merchant mariners spend extended periods at sea. Their job scopes are like the hotel workers, only here they have posts like, captains, deck officers, pilots of water vessels, ship engineers etc.

The movement of huge amounts of cargo, as well as passengers depends on workers in water transportation where they operate and maintain deep-sea merchant ships.

Passenger ship used for pleasure trips is called a cruise ship. It has become a major part of the tourism industry, with millions of passengers each year taking their vacation on board while sailing on the sea. The rapid growth has spurred the growth of tourism and many cruise ship job position have been created.

In Asia, one of the companies that operate their own ships is Star Cruise with cruise ships Superstar Virgo and Superstar Gemini among some of the ships that are in operation.

Most established travel agents offers packages too to accommodate the luxury lifestyle of the rich and famous. Cruise ships operate on a mostly set roundabout courses, returning with their passengers to their originating port.

In contrast, ocean liners do "line voyages" in open seas, are strongly built to withstand the rigors of transoceanic voyages, and typically ferry passengers from one point to another, rather than on round trips. Some liners also engage in longer trips which may not lead back to the same port for many months. 

Captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels command or supervise the operations of ships and water vessels, both within domestic waterways and on the deep sea. They determine the course and speed of the vessel, maneuver to avoid hazards, and continuously monitor the vessel’s position with charts and navigational aides.

On the other hand, deck officers or mates direct the routine operation of the vessel for the captain during the shifts when they are on watch.

However, on smaller vessels, there may be only one mate (called a pilot on some inland towing vessels), who alternates watches with the captain.

Ship engineers operate, maintain, and repair propulsion engines, boilers, generators, pumps, and other machinery while marine oilers and more experienced qualified members of the engine department, maintain the vessel in proper running order in the engine spaces below decks, under the direction of the ship’s engineering officers.

Cruise Ship Job and Qualifications

Working in a cruise means you have to work in all weather conditions. Although merchant mariners try to avoid severe storms while at sea, working in damp and cold conditions often is inevitable.

While it is uncommon nowadays for vessels to suffer disasters such as fire, explosion, or a sinking, workers face the possibility that they may have to abandon their craft on short notice if it collides with other vessels or runs aground.

They also risk injury or death from falling overboard and hazards associated with working with machinery, heavy loads, and dangerous cargo. However, modern safety management procedures, advanced emergency communications, and effective international rescue systems place modern mariners in a much safer position.

Qualifications needed depends on the type of cruise ship job that you intend to pursue. It varies from a high school certificate to be a waiter to a good degree to be an engineer.

In order to maintain the classy environment, most cruise ships offers job to a qualified person to ensure the quality of service. For example, someone with a diploma in hotel management would be the best choice even only to manage the housekeeping section.

Therefore good training is essential. As for the salary, it is generally higher from the job on land as it involves greater challenges.

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