Dealing with office politics

Do you need help dealing with office politics? If you are working in a medium to large size type of organisation, chances are that you have heard all kinds of not so good stories and gossips of some personnel in the organisation. The personnel whose character was under attack could be your chief executive officer, departmental manager, executive or even your counterpart from another sister company.

These are one of the examples of office politics and dealing with office politics requires effort and a conscious will to overcome them.

Negative office politics are usually engaged by people who have self interest in climbing up the corporate ladder at the expense of others. They will take every given opportunity to discredit a competitor for that position. Inaccurate information and half truth about people are desseminated to their advantage. They are skillful in using every opportunity to reinforce failure of others to make them look good in front of their bosses.

What other reasons caused one to engage in office politics? They do it to increase their influence and self esteem in the organisation. By doing this, they try to divert attention from their own shortcomings and hence they feel more secure in the grip of their position. Another reason is that they want to exact revenge on someone whom they think has wronged them in the course of doing their work.

These activities are of no value to the company of the individual as it takes a lot of time and effort to undo what one has done. Many would agree that words are powerful tools that when wrongly used caused more harm than good. Therefore, stay clear of office politics. Dealing with office politics can be easy if one knows how to steer clear of it by following the suggestions below.

  • Do Not Gossip Gossiping can be fun at the expense of another as it feeds the superiority ego of one. Therefore, stay out of gossip and move away from friends who always gossip whenever they have the opportunity.
  • Be Professional Maintain a good and professional image of yourself by the way you conduct yourself. Look at situation without bias and make decisions based on facts and not emotion. In due time, you will be seen as someone who can be trusted.
  • Build Healthy Relationship Building healthy relationship takes time and effort. Your colleagues will know whether you are honest and sincere in your relationship with them as you mingle with them. Strive to establish strong relationship that is trustworthy and respectable among your friends and colleagues.
  • Give Credit Where Due Ensure that you do not "steal" credit away from your colleagues when it is righfully theirs. Acknowledge any work done by them publicly. By doing this, you are building an environment where office politics cannot thrive.
  • Promotion By Merit Move up your career ladder based on merit and not by way of politics. This shows everyone that you are in that position because you deserve it and not otherwise.
  • Avoid Office Cliques As far as possible, avoid office cliques as this will create factions within the organisation. Mingle freely with all peoples and frequently go out for lunch with colleagues from other departments.

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