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Do you need decision making tool? Still not sure as to what career that you should pursue? Whether we are aware or not, we make decision everyday from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. We make decision on what to wear, where to take our meals, where should you take your family for vacation and many other. What about what course or career to pursue?

If after having taken your personality test and you still want to be assured and convinced that you have make the right decision, try the Choose It software.

This software is created by Site Built It, a web hosting site that guides you how to build a web based business step by step.

This simple decision making tool is based on the classic decision making model that breaks down complicated problem into matrix. The 5 steps process helps to organize your thoughts but the inputs still has to come from you. Based on the inputs and the weightage that you have made, it will generate the best decision for you.

For example.

Step 1 : What is the best career that I should choose?

Step 2 : Provide up to a maximum of 10 careers that you are currently considering. It could be:



Medical Doctor




Step 3 : List down what is important to you in choosing that career and put a weightage beside it. It could be :

Competitive Pay 

Flexible Working Hour

Time For Family

Job Security


Own Business Potential

Step 4: Score each possible answer from 1-100 based on the matrix given. You should use a bit more time over here to think through all the scoring.

Step 5: Here you go. The software list the best decision that you should make based on your inputs. It provide a graphical bar chart and the score beside it.

You have nothing to lose. CLICK below and start the decision making process. 

Decision Making Tool - TRY IT HERE

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